SALE | Wandersoul Co's Done-For-You 'Uncomfortable' Email Templates

Six done-for-you email templates created to take yourself out of the communication equation and craft effective emails that get you the results you want.


SALE | Wandersoul Co's Done-For-You 'Uncomfortable' Email Templates


Take your emotions out of the equation with these done-for-you email templates. Immediately gain access to a 24 page document with access to six email templates.

  • The Autoresponder Email
  • The Proposal Email
  • The Welcome Email
  • The Not a Good Fit Email
  • The Raise Your Rates Email
  • The Breakup Email

Learn why each of these emails makes you uncomfortable as a business owner, access a done-for-you template and see the template in action with a real life example. Plus, learn the five tactics I used to create these email templates, so that you can create effective client communication in every email you write.


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