Stop trying to DIY your online presence.

You may be a small business owner, but you have BIG ideas you're ready to bring to life quickly...

VIP Design Days for your Website and Branding

Elevate Your Online Presence in Just One Day

You’re ready to elevate your brand and website so you can shine online, and you don’t want to wait months to do it.

You’ve tried all the DIY options and the branding and website you create yourself never look as cool as the idea you had in your head.

You need your brand and website design to strategically guide your clients to working with you, and you’re ready to invest to have it done right by a pro.

In your VIP Design Day(s) we will create a brand presence and/or WordPress website that make you look (and feel) like the rockstar business owner you are, in less time than it takes to catch up on the latest season of You.

VIP Design Days are focused intensives created to help you elevate your brand and website in a fast, simple and approachable way -- so you can feel like the confident business owner you are ASAP.

So what we can create in a Design Day (or two)?

I'm so glad you asked!

One Design Day

Two Design Days

Three+ Design Days

Here's everything that's waiting for you:

  • feeling confident AF about the small business you’ve worked so hard to create
  • sharing your message with the people who need to hear it most
  • being found organically in online search engines
  • landing big projects with major clients
  • attracting ideal clients who are ready to book your services without asking so many questions

Every Design Day Project Includes:

Strategy Questionnaires

Custom questionnaires to gain all the information I need to build your brand and/or website quickly.

Design Just for You

Strategically designed brand and web design based on your unique business goals and vision.

Quick Turnaround Time

I use professional tools to help me create websites quickly -- no more months of back and forth with a developer.

Email Support

Technical support for your brand and/or website for four weeks after it launches.

Personalized Video Tutorials

Video tutorials made specifically for you based on your needs, as discussed in our strategy meetings.

VIP Design Day Investment: $2000/day

Working together is as easy as...

1. Assess

We’ll assess your existing online presence, your business goals and your vision for how your business shows up online.

2. Plan

We’ll work together to hone in on your vision and goals so we can make a custom plan that works specifically for your business.

3. Implement

I’ll wave my magic wand to create the online presence you’ve been dreaming of, in just one day (or two)!

So how does this work exactly?

1. Prepare

Project specific questionnaires designed to gather all the information we need for a successful Design Day.

2. Design

On your specified Design Day(s) I’ll spend seven-eight hours of dedicated time on your project(s).

3. Revise

We’ll go through two rounds of revisions on your Design Day assets to make sure they’re perfect and ready for launch.

4. Launch

One week after your final Design Day you’ll receive all Design assets and be ready to launch your elevated online presence.

What You Need to Make your Design Day a Success:

Time and Dedication

Above all else you must be committed to co-creating your new online presence with me. I'll bring the design, strategy, accountability and solution-oriented attitude, and you bring the wherewithal to get sh*t done to make this project a success.


A Design Day is is focused and dedicated amount of my time and my stellar design skills that will elevate your online presence. It is *not* a specific set of deliverables, and additional Design Days may be required for your specific project.

The Wandersoul Co. Magic Touch

Our intuitive, empathetic nature and premium client experience will leave you not only feeling confident, but also supremely satisfied with what we've created together. I can't wait to work with you!

Client Love

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